5 Ways Your Restaurant Website Can Make You More Money in 2017

5 Ways Your Restaurant Website Can Make You More Money in 2017

5 ways your restaurant website can make you more money in 2017
5 ways your restaurant website can make you more money in 2017

In our last post, we talked about the top 5 ways your restaurant website is losing you money. In this post, we’d like to venture into some restaurant website ideas that can actually help your restaurant earn more revenue. These are 5 ways your restaurant website can make you more money in 2017.

In order for your restaurant to be successful, there are a few things that need to take place. In modern day, having a restaurant website is one of the most important requirements of owning a restaurant that you should focus on. The reality is this: Your restaurant is being looked up online by potential customers. It’s more than important that you not only rely on a Facebook or Yelp page for your restaurant but also have a website that makes people want to come to your location.

Before we spoke about all the ways your website loses you money, today we’ll focus on how your restaurant website can make you money.

1. Drop Flash. Pick Up WordPress.

In the last post, we explained how the use of Flash on your restaurant website is more hurtful than it is helpful (doesn’t work on Apple devices and hurts your SEO).

With that being said, you might be asking yourself “What should I use then?” The answer is simple: WordPress. WordPress has been around for years and is a very robust content management system, also known as a CMS. When using a CMS like WordPress for your restaurant, you’ll have full control over your restaurant website and the content displayed. For example, a restaurant owner that uses a CMS like WordPress can make changes to online menus, pages on the website, the blog, your contact forms, everything. That’s the great thing about using WordPress. WordPress is literally considered to the most popular CMS in the entire world.

To be clear, we’re not saying that WordPress is the absolute only Flash alternative available to you. Alongside, the use of the typical HTML5 & CSS3 route, the use of WordPress can really give your restaurant website the best starting point to grow from and improve upon. Your WordPress restaurant website can be SEO-friendly, easy to manage/update, and can grow with you as you need it to.

2. Show your menus.

Clearly, the most important focus of your restaurant is the food. That’s your baby, your purpose, your reason you thought it would be a good idea to open a restaurant in Atlanta.

We have to ask…WHY do the majority of restaurant websites on the internet all downgrade their menu’s on their websites with huge PDF files? Remember, many phones can’t even open these types of files. Here’s the secret to fixing that issue: All you have to do is just make your menu an actual page on your website. You’ll be able to list everything on the menu page in just the way that it’s listed in your printed version. Be sure to list all your food and drink items along with photos, information, and cost of each. This will make the usability for your restaurant website much better for the visitors and ultimately make choosing your restaurant over the restaurant across the street much easier.

Lastly, don’t forget the numbers! People like to know how much money they need to have before coming to your restaurant. Think about it, if a guy is getting ready to take his wife out on a date to your restaurant. He’s going to first, research your location, then he’s going to want to see what the menu is like, then as he’s going through the menu, he’s going to want to look at the PRICES of each item so that way he can be better prepared for any surprises that may arise once he’s there on a date with his wife.

Keep your prices visible and easy to understand.

3. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Alright, so your restaurant website has really nice looking photo’s that show your restaurant, the food, the bar, etc. That’s all you need to do, right? Wrong. Your restaurant website design should also show some type of photo gallery. This is such an overlooked yet very important way for your restaurant website to make you more money in 2017. The purpose of the gallery is to give the visitors of your restaurant website a better understanding and feel of the atmosphere at your restaurant.

Who cares about that? Your customers. They want to be able to know what to expect when they come to your location. What if it’s the first date for someone? They’ll want to look at your website to see pictures of the interior to determine if it’s fancy…or not fancy enough. Or maybe it’s the opposite and some of the work are looking for a place to grab a bite to eat and going somewhere that’s too romantic would definitely not be a good look. Awkard.

Having a good mixture of pictures on your restaurant website that can be ahead of the curve and answer questions the people looking for your restaurant or food truck have. Keep it simple and don’t have 1000 images. You’ll be fine with between 5-10 GOOD shots of your restaurant.

4. Clear Contact Information

This might sound very obvious but we have to mention it. You wouldn’t believe how many Atlanta restaurant websites we come across that, for some reason do not show their address and phone number CLEARLY on the restaurant website. What if a customer needs to place a to-go order? If your restaurant website has a way to take orders on the website, that’s awesome. You still need to make sure that your restaurant’s phone number is easily viewable. Some people prefer to talk to humans. Put your phone number on every page of your restaurant website.

Don’t forget to have your restaurant location address easily viewable. This means, have it displayed in TEXT on your restaurant website. You should also consider using a Google Map plugin on your website. Using text on your restaurant website for your address makes it easy to be copied and pasted on smartphones and desktops.

5. Responsive Restaurant Website Design

It’s 2017, it’s no secret that over 90% of EVERYONE uses their smartphones to browse the internet. There’s no nice way of putting this: Having your restaurant website be built responsive not only allows your restaurant website to make you more money in 2017 but you’re also keeping your website visitors happy. It’s absolutely imperative that your restaurant website is responsive in order to accommodate your customers who are using their mobile devices to find a local restaurant in Atlanta. Take advantage of the opportunity of responsive restaurant website design in Alpharetta.

So, if you are looking for the 5 Ways Your Restaurant Website Can Make You More Money in 2017 here they are:

  1. Drop your Flash restaurant website.
  2. Show your menu, not a PDF file.
  3. Use 5-10 photos of your restaurant.
  4. Display your restaurant contact information
  5. Use Responsive Web Design for your restaurant.


Here at QuickPro Digital Marketing, we help our customers apply all of the above 5 ways to make more money through your restaurant website as well as many other digital marketing services. We are located in Alpharetta, Georgia and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about digital marketing for your restaurant.