5 Ways Your Restaurant Website is losing you money in 2017

5 Ways Your Restaurant Website is losing you money in 2017

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When it comes to your restaurant’s website, what thoughts do you typically have?  For the most part… They’re terrible. Like REALLY bad. In this article, we’ll discuss the top 5 ways your restaurant is losing you money in 2017.

We’ve been professional web designers for over 10 years and one thing we’ve noticed is, restaurants always seem to opt for poorly designed websites that aren’t very functional. This is actually a larger problem than it may seem like on the surface.

If you’re a restaurant owner in North Georgia with a restaurant website, you really need to ask yourself: Am I really doing everything that I should be doing to make sure my restaurant is making the best first impression that it can? We’re going to help you answer that question and also provide you with solutions on how to fix your restaurant’s website.

Without further ado, here are the 5 ways your restaurant’s website is losing you money.

1. Your Restaurant’s Website is using Flash

In 2017, if your restaurant website is still made with an outdated technology such as flash. You’re off to a terrible start. We need to be very clear with you: Never use Flash for the design of your restaurant’s website.

You might be asking yourself why? There are a few reasons why.

  1. iPhones and iPads are not built to support flash because it is a dying technology from the early 2000’s. The majority of visitors to your restaurant website access your website from their mobile phones. If the website for your restaurant is built in Flash, you’re automatically going to be missing out on perhaps, thousands of customers for your restaurant.
  2. The reality is, you want your restaurant to be found online. If you have a restaurant website built in Flash, it won’t be SEO friendly. This means that all of the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) will not be able to find your restaurant website. The reason for this is because web crawlers rely on text not flash to rank websites. If you don’t have text on your restaurant website, it will never be found by the search engines and it’s basically non-existent to them.
  3. Lastly, Flash websites for restaurants are expensive and way too hard to maintain (if you’re not a web designer, that is). Think about it though, whenever that time comes that you need to update something on your website like menu items, new specials, special events, etc., you’ll need to hire a professional web design company in Alpharetta or surrounding areas to come do the work for you. Now, on the other hand, when you’re dealing with a restaurant website that was not built in flash, your experience becomes much greater. There are options available to you, a restaurant owner, that allow you to make any type of change on your website when you want to. This only saves your restaurant time, but also saves you money.

2. Your Restaurant Web Design is Non-Responsive

This one is kind of self-explanatory. If your restaurant website is not made to be viewed across all different screen sizes from desktop computers to Android smartphones, then you’re missing out on tons of visitors to your restaurant website. In the modern day, over 90% of visitors to your restaurant’s website, will access it from their mobile devices. It actually makes a lot of sense, if you were on your lunch break and you wanted to find a Mexican Restaurant near you, you’re going to pull out your phone and type it in to see what your options are. If you come across a restaurant website that’s not “responsive” to the screen size that you are viewing it on, you’ll close out of it and go to another website that displays correctly. Your restaurant website is supposed to not only function correctly but should also be fast loading. This is one of the best ways to get more customers for your restaurant in Atlanta.

The majority of restaurant websites are not responsive. If you make this one simple step towards improvement for your website, you’ll see just how much the experience on your website will improve.

3. Your restaurant website’s usability is poor.

At this point, you might be asking yourself “what the heck is usability?” In short, usability is how easy your restaurant website is to use for visitors to it. The reason why this is important is that the ease of use of your website determines whether or not a visitor to your website become customers or a window shopper.

When people visit your restaurant website, there are a few things that they’re going to do:

  • They’re going to make a first impression of your restaurant.
  • They’re going to check your menu and prices.
  • They’re going to look to see where you’re located near them.

That’s good to know, but what are some of the major issues visitors to your restaurant’s website experience?

  1. The website for your restaurant takes forever to load. If your website is loading slow, your usability will suffer.
  2. The menu on your website is a PDF file. Major issue! Remember, the majority of phones can’t download PDF’s so obviously, this drives people away from your website.
  3. Your restaurant website doesn’t have your address available to easily be copied and pasted or there just isn’t a link to Google Maps.

The moral of the story is, your restaurant website should have one focus: The customer experience. That’s why it’s important to consult with professional web designers in Alpharetta to help you with these issues.

4. Your Restaurant Website isn’t updated.

Has this ever happened to you? You go to restaurant’s website to see what kind of great food they have and you get to the website and it’s just terribly outdated?? You think, “THIS is the first impression they want to make?” It’s a major issue for restaurants in Atlanta and surrounding areas. Even worse, some restaurants don’t even have websites. Imagine that! If your restaurant is still advertising the 2015 super bowl bash in 2017…clearly, you need to update your website. This sends such a negative message to the visitors of the restaurant website and in essence, is causing you to lose money.

We get it, you don’t want that to be the case for your restaurant website but be sure to ask yourself. The good news is, you have options to prevent this from happening to you and your restaurant website in Alpharetta. The reason this problem even happens is that you just don’t have the time to sit there and update your website as needed or you simply just don’t know how to do it.

The best solution for this type of problem is the use of a more robust and easy to use CMS. We highly recommend using WordPress. By using WordPress for your restaurant website, you are able to have full control of your website with little to no technical experience. By doing this, you’re able to make changes to ever detail and aspect of your restaurant web design very easily.

5. Your Restaurant and Web Design Are Not in Sync.

We specialize in digital marketing for restaurants and bars in Atlanta and we have seen our fair share of “ugly” websites. There have been many times that I’ve gone to a local restaurant in Alpharetta and it’s so nice on the inside. The décor, the lighting, the service…everything is great! Then I go to their website and it looks like total crap. This is a rookie mistake and should be avoided. Your website needs to be a full representation of your brand and what you want customers to think of when they think of your restaurant. It makes no sense that such nice restaurants have such terrible websites. Many visitors to your website feel the same way.


These are the top 5 ways your restaurant website is losing you business. Nowadays, it’s absolutely crucial for a restaurant to consider working with professional web designers in your area. Your job is to provide customers with extraordinary food and wowing them with the experience of coming into your local restaurant. Here at QuickPro Digital Marketing, our job is to create beautiful and easy to use websites for restaurants in Atlanta. If you have questions, feel free to ask us.