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Evidence-based Conversion Optimization for Cannabis Industry Websites

We use research and analytics to find the best ways of generating more traffic and leads to your cannabis website.
Get more website traffic
Analytics and performance | quickpro digital marketing

Increase the Traffic to Your Cannabis Industry Website.

Analytics and performance | quickpro digital marketing
Get ready to turn your website into a lead generation machine. Use the data from your website - it's constantly streaming in, and you can tap into that information to increase conversion and revenue for your Cannabis Industry company.

We'll improve the results you have now!

The QuickPro Digital Marketing Analytics team is on the lookout for opportunities that can have a significant impact on your Cannabis Industry website. We will set up tests, evaluate results and rewrite content or calls to action so you can rest, knowing that your website is fully optimized for conversions.

Finally, we repeat the procedure. And again. Optimization never rests.

Optimize your website for traffic

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for Cannabis Websites

SEO is the process of getting people to your website. Psychology is what motivates them to do so. How can you get more out of each visit?

Conversion Rate Optimization. It’s the lesser-known cousin of SEO but it’s every bit as important.

Getting traffic is only the beginning of your site’s success. The real measure comes from converting visitors into leads, customers and revenue.

Improve your conversions

Establish and perform A/B tests

Put your visitors in control. They decide who wins the match between what works and what doesn't work.
Analytics and performance | quickpro digital marketing

Identify the most effective calls-to-action

Use psychology and bias to maximize clicks.
Analytics and performance | quickpro digital marketing

Seek & Discover

Create a message that addresses your customers' unique problems. Analyze how your brand has evolved over time and
Analytics and performance | quickpro digital marketing
Analytics and performance | quickpro digital marketing

Conversion Paths

The Conversion Paths report allows you to visually see how each of your marketing channels work together to drive you results.
Analytics and performance | quickpro digital marketing

Referral Report

See what sites and apps are driving the most traffic and results to your website with the Referral report.
Analytics and performance | quickpro digital marketing

Source Report

The source report allows you to see results by source and medium, such as, Google, Bing, Facebook and thousands of other sources/mediums.
Analytics and performance | quickpro digital marketing

Google Analytics for Cannabis Industry Websites

A better website starts with data & research.

You’ve heard that you need to be using Google Analytics to track your website’s performance, but you don’t know where to start as a Cannabis Industry company.

If you’re not tracking your website’s performance, then you’re flying blind. Without analyzing and improving this data, it’s impossible to know what’s working and what isn’t, and how to improve your website’s traffic and conversions.

QuickPro Digital Marketing can get you up and running with Google Analytics in minutes. We’ll help you set up custom goals and reports so that you can see exactly how your website is performing and make data-driven decisions about where to focus your efforts.

IMPROVE your website analytics

Have You Been Thinking About Improving Your Cannabis Industry Website?

Take advantage of our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your web design mockup, we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.

What Will Website Optimization Do for Me?

Website modifications have a long-term impact. This is what it means to level up.
  • Improved content and relevance on a Cannabis Industry website can help you achieve higher search ranks and more relevant visitors.
  • Using more compelling call-to-actions can help you improve your click rates.
  • Conversions and leads increase through with an improved messaging, trust, and a frictionless visitor experience on your Cannabis Industry website
  • More accurate and easier to understand reports and analysis will be displayed for you and your stakeholders.
  • A good Cannabis Industry content strategy should look at all of the different types of content being created and identify ways to optimize each type for better performance on your website.
Analytics and performance | quickpro digital marketing
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Analytics and performance | quickpro digital marketing

"Personal Preference" Isn't Good Enough.

Your actual website data is far superior in terms of analytics.

Use personal preference as a starting point, but don’t get too stuck in them. It’s important to know what your data is telling you and how it can help improve your Cannabis Industry website experience for visitors on every page of your website!

It’s not a good idea to make a choice on the basis of personal preference. In the world of web design, selecting based solely on personal taste could be dangerous.

"Never bring an opinion to a data fight."
Analytics and performance | quickpro digital marketing
Analytics and performance | quickpro digital marketing

Joseph N. Martin

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Analytics and performance | quickpro digital marketing

Who Should You Trust to Improve Your cannabis industry Website?

The company that developed it. Most general web design agencies require cooperation from a separate website services provider. They're unable to take action.
  • Changes are often met with resistance.
  • You’ve got a lot on your plate right now already.
  • Delays, ineffectiveness, and wasteful communication are all common problems.
  • Lower results with a higher cost, time, and aggravation
QuickPro Digital Marketing's cannabis industry website design and optimization services take the pain out of getting your website to perform. We do it all for you, so that there is zero delay in pursuing online success with our smooth workflow from beginning to end.
Analytics and performance | quickpro digital marketingAnalytics and performance | quickpro digital marketing
It's the most effective way to enhance a website: just one partner is required.
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Analytics and performance | quickpro digital marketing

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