Boost your Sales with a Killer Landing Page!

So you finished building your new website, and now you’re desperately hitting “F5” every five minutes, waiting for someone to post a comment, “like” you on Facebook or call you already and make an order… right?

Not so fast. Let’s first spend some time focusing on optimizing your website for the purpose it was created: SELLING.

This series of posts will deal with the most common mistakes people make when creating their websites and will teach you how to fix and optimize your site. Given that your product is good and you follow our advice, you will soon see results. In other words: “if you build it, they will come”.

Lesson #1 – Maximizing Results With a Killer Landing Page

Design a Killer Landing Page

As the old saying goes, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Keep that in mind while planning your landing page. To make it most effective, here are some basic Do’s and Don’ts for you to follow:

  1. Homepage welcomes your visitor and guides them through the site, the landing page should be much more focused, with short copy and an immediate call for action.
  2. If you’re using an Ads campaign to drive traffic to your new website (Google AdWords or other), make sure that whoever is clicking on your ad immediately gets what they clicked for. Do not send your visitors on a goose chase. If you sell different products or services, create separate landing pages for each.
  3. Think of ONE desirable response you’d like to get from your visitors and focus all your efforts on it. Whether it’s filling out a subscription form or purchasing a pair of shoes, present your visitors with one clear and specific call for action.
  4. Make your visitors’ lives simple. If you want them to subscribe, publish the subscription form on the landing page. If you want them to buy something, show them the product, current price and/or discount. If you want them to “Like” you on Facebook, have the “like” button clear and visible.
  5. Sharp, funny, intelligent and to the point COPY is more important than flashy, oversized, steals-the-spotlight IMAGES, especially if these take extra time to load.
  6. Keep important details above the fold! (the part of your website people see without scrolling down). Don’t hide your registration form, subscription button or “buy now” banner below the fold, some people will just miss it.

Now check your landing page to see if it’s optimized to sell your product. Make the necessary changes and feel free to post any question you may have. AND – Don’t forget to stay tuned!