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Easily build powerful automated email journey's & campaigns

Create automated email marketing campaigns and journeys in minutes! Send all of your subscribers a coupon on the major holidays, weekly tips & tricks, periodic reminders and more! Email Marketing Automation is a great way to drive additional sales & loyalty without lifting a finger.

Here's a popular list of nurture marketing campaign ideas you may consider using to drive more results

Send an automated email to all new leads & customers welcoming them to your business and educating them about your brand and why you’re the best choice!

VIP offers & flash sales are a great way to make your loyal customers feel special and clear excess inventory or fill the seats on slow days!

Send an automated email to new prospects showcasing your best reviews & testimonials to help build their trust and confidence in your brand!

Build loyalty and generate more sales & referrals by sending automated messages to your contacts on their birthday and the holiday’s of your choice.

Send timely emails to your prospects & customers educating them about your process, products, services and more so you can provide the best possible experience.

Periodic reminder messages are a great way to increase sales for any business that offers products or services on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Send a monthly or quarterly newsletter to keep your contacts updated on your brand, what’s happened and what’s coming up next.

Instantly alert prospects & contacts of any new products and services you release. This is a great way to get the word out quickly and generate additional sales.

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