How Your Restaurant Website is Making You Lose Money in 2017

How Your Restaurant Website is Making You Lose Money in 2017

Website Design Services For Restaurants in Alpharetta

Your restaurant has a very powerful platform that can be used to do amazing things. Sadly, you might not be taking advantage it and it could be making you lose money.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the ways your restaurant website could be losing you money. How to prevent this from happening, and show you how to get more customers with your website.

How your website is losing you money.

Let’s talk your website, really quick. Just how “powerful” of a platform is it? All the way back in 2011, there was a report conducted by a national nonpartisan organization. The report found that the internet was the number 1 place where people start their research process for anything. This concept applies to the restaurant industry. When a person is looking for a restaurant to eat it, they start the search on the internet. That’s a very important fact to keep in mind as we go through this article. Your website is the very first interaction that a potential customer has with your restaurant. It is absolutely imperative to make the best first impression on them. An impression that’s good enough to bring them into your restaurant. You want to find a way to connect the bridge between restaurant website visitor to customer from your restaurant website.  

You may say, “I have Yelp! I don’t need to have a website.” The truth is, just because your restaurant has a Yelp page, doesn’t mean that tell people who you are. What is your story? Why should they come to your restaurant over all the other restaurants in Atlanta? They need to have a real reason to come to your restaurant. This is where your website or lack thereof, is losing you money.

Website Design Services For Restaurants in Alpharetta

Now, let’s about Yelp. You’ve been there, you’ve seen how many other restaurants there are in just your area alone. There are literally 100’s and sometimes thousands of restaurants that serve a specific type of food. Pizza, Chinese, Mexican, Jamaican restaurants, the list goes on and on. So yes, it is good that your restaurant has a Yelp page because people like to read about real experiences and reviews about your restaurant. Now here’s where your website is causing you to miss a huge opportunity.

People also visit yelp to find new restaurants in Atlanta to eat at. When someone goes to your page, they’re guaranteed to click on view your website. Just by them clicking on your website, this is the huge opportunity that you have to capitalize on. Remember, there are hundreds of other options they have. They clicked on your website link for a reason. Now, they may have clicked to view your website but have they actually made up their mind? No. Not all.

If you are serious about turning your restaurant website visitors into restaurant website customers, this is where you have to pay attention. Your restaurant website absolutely has to show the visitor that your restaurant is an established place that is worth driving to and giving you their money. If you don’t even have a website, forget about it. They’re going back to Yelp and find a restaurant that does have a website. Don’t let your restaurant lose money because of this simple mistake.

How to stop losing customers with your restaurant website

This should really go without saying but we’ll mention it as a QuickPro curtesy. Your restaurant needs to have a website. Not just a Wix, Weebly, Squarespace website but a reliable and expertly developed website. Here’s an important fact that you should consider: Over 90% of people who visit a restaurant’s website say they decide how credible or not credible a restaurant is. All from the look of your restaurant website.  If you don’t take advantage of your restaurant website having that platform, another restaurant in Atlanta will.

We say all of that for a reason. If a visitor goes to your website and its looks poorly designed, doesn’t load fast, or doesn’t have the information they’re looking for, that person is leaving your restaurant website. You have a choice though, you can either turn that visitor into a customer or let another restaurant in Atlanta do it for you.

Website Design Services For Restaurants in Alpharetta

Visitors want to see a restaurant website that looks good. It should make them feel like they can trust your restaurant to be worth the drive and to spend their money with you.

  • Does your restaurant show your food menu (non-PDF file)?
  • Does your restaurant website look updated or like it was built back in 2005?
  • Are the images updated and recent?

The list goes on and on, you need to make sure your restaurant website is up and running at 100mph as the marketing machine that it is supposed to be for your restaurant. These are some ways to stop losing money with your restaurant website.

How to get more customers with your restaurant website?

Lastly, let’s talk about how you can get more paying customers with your restaurant website.

  1. Professional Restaurant Website Design
    1. We really encourage you to hire a professional web designer/developer to create your restaurant website for you. This ensures that it will be designed to the highest standards of the restaurant industry.
  2. Responsive Restaurant Website Design
    1. Ensure that your restaurant website is not only designed to look pretty but is also responsive to any screen size from Desktops to Mobile Devices.
  3. Restaurant Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    1. Optimize your website for all major search engines.
  4. Restaurant-Specific Web Design
    1. Have your website professionally designed to fit your specific target audience. How eats at your restaurant? What type of customers are you looking to target? Your website should communicate directly to your target market.

Website Design Services For Restaurants in Alpharetta

Here at QuickPro Digital Marketing, we are able to provide you with restaurant specific digital marketing services. Feel free to call or email us if you have any questions or would like to learn more about how we can help your restaurant get more customers.