Saving Our Sharks Foundation Website Redesign

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Case Study: Saving Our Sharks Foundation Website Redesign


12 June 2024


The Saving Our Sharks Foundation is dedicated to the conservation of sharks through education, research, and advocacy. Their website needed a redesign to effectively communicate their mission, provide educational resources, and engage with supporters and partners. The goal was to create a dynamic, user-friendly platform that supports their conservation efforts and enhances public awareness about shark conservation.

Screenshot of the redesigned Saving Our Sharks Foundation website, showcasing interactive storytelling and educational hub.

Problem, Solution, and Results

Saving Our Sharks Foundation Website Project

The Problem

The previous Saving Our Sharks website was outdated and lacked a modern design and intuitive navigation, making it difficult for users to find important information about shark conservation. The site was not effectively engaging with supporters or providing easy access to educational materials and donation opportunities. This led to decreased user engagement and challenges in raising awareness and funds for conservation efforts.

The Solution:

We developed a modern, responsive website that focuses on engaging storytelling, educational content, and supporter interaction. The new design includes an organized educational hub, clear calls to action for donations and involvement, and interactive features that showcase the Foundation’s impact. Advanced SEO strategies were integrated to improve visibility and attract new supporters.

The Results:

Increased User Engagement: The new website’s interactive design and compelling content resulted in a 75% increase in user interactions and time spent on the site.

Enhanced Resource Accessibility: The organized educational hub made it easier for users to find and utilize shark conservation resources, leading to a 60% increase in downloads and resource views.

Boosted Donations and Support: The clear calls to action and streamlined donation process led to a 50% rise in donations and supporter engagement.


The redesign of the Saving Our Sharks Foundation website aimed to create a vibrant, engaging platform that effectively communicates their conservation mission and engages with supporters. Our approach included:

Key Features Implemented

  • Educational Hub: Developed a comprehensive hub for educational materials, research findings, and advocacy resources.
  • Interactive Storytelling: Integrated interactive elements and compelling storytelling techniques to engage users and highlight the impact of the Foundation’s work.
  • Donation and Involvement CTA: Implemented clear calls to action for donations, volunteer opportunities, and event participation.

Additional Features

    • SEO Optimization: Applied SEO best practices to enhance search engine visibility and attract new supporters interested in shark conservation.
    • Modern Design: Introduced a vibrant, user-friendly design that reflects the Foundation’s mission and engages visitors.
    • Content Management System: Implemented a robust CMS for efficient updates and management of educational content and news.

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    Step 01
    Step 01

    Needs Assessment and Planning

    Collaborated with Foundation stakeholders to understand their goals and challenges, developing a strategic plan for the website redesign focused on enhancing user engagement and resource accessibility.

    Step 02
    Step 02

    Custom Design and Development

    Executed a design and development process that prioritized interactive storytelling, educational resource access, and supporter engagement.

    Step 03
    Step 03

    Testing and Launch

    Conducted comprehensive testing to ensure site functionality and performance, followed by a successful launch to maximize the Foundation’s impact and user interaction.

    Numbers Don’t Lie

    Our Impact & Success Metrics

    The Saving Our Sharks Foundation website redesign resulted in significant improvements in user engagement, resource utilization, and donation support:

    • User Interaction Increase 75% 75%
    • Resource Access Growth 60% 60%
    • Donation and Support Boost 50% 50%
    • Social Media Engagement Rise 65% 65%

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