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Case Study: IPS Website Redesign


12 June 2024


The Institute for Psychoanalytic Studies (IPS) provides education and training in psychoanalysis, offering programs for mental health professionals and the community. Their website needed a redesign to better communicate their educational offerings, provide easy access to resources and event information, and engage with prospective students and members. The goal was to create a professional, user-friendly platform that supports their mission of advancing psychoanalytic education and practice.

Problem, Solution, and Results

IPS Website Project

The Problem

The previous IPS website was outdated and difficult to navigate, making it challenging for users to find information about programs, events, and resources. The site’s design did not adequately convey the depth of their educational offerings or facilitate effective engagement with prospective students and current members. This resulted in decreased user engagement and difficulties in providing essential information and promoting their programs.

The Solution:

We developed a modern, responsive website that focuses on accessibility and user engagement. The new design includes an organized program overview, enhanced navigation, and interactive features to support students and members. Advanced SEO strategies were integrated to improve visibility and ensure users can easily find information about educational offerings and events.

The Results:

Improved Access to Educational Programs: The new website offers a user-friendly interface and clear navigation, resulting in a 70% increase in program inquiries and applications.

Enhanced Resource Availability: The organized program and event overview made it easier for users to find and engage with IPS’s educational offerings, leading to a 65% increase in resource downloads and event participation.

Boosted Membership and Participation: Clear calls to action and streamlined membership processes contributed to a 55% rise in memberships and participation in training programs.


The redesign of the IPS website aimed to create a professional, user-centric platform that effectively communicates their educational mission and enhances access to programs and resources. Our approach included:

Key Features Implemented

  • Organized Program Overview: Developed an organized overview of educational programs and training opportunities to facilitate easy access and understanding for users.
  • Interactive Features: Integrated features such as event calendars, registration forms, and resource libraries to engage users and encourage participation.
  • Membership and Involvement CTA: Implemented clear calls to action for membership applications, program registrations, and event involvement.

Additional Features

    • SEO Optimization: Applied SEO best practices to enhance search engine visibility and attract more prospective students and members.
    • Modern Design: Introduced a clean, professional design that aligns with IPS’s educational mission and supports user engagement.
    • Content Management System: Implemented a robust CMS for efficient updates and management of program information and resources.

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    Step 01
    Step 01

    Assessment and Strategic Planning

    Collaborated with IPS stakeholders to identify key goals and challenges, developing a strategic plan for the website redesign focused on improving access to educational programs and engagement.

    Step 02
    Step 02

    Design & Development

    Executed a design and development process that prioritized user-friendly navigation, comprehensive program access, and interactive features.

    Step 03
    Step 03

    Content Integration

    Conducted thorough testing to ensure site functionality and performance, followed by a successful launch to maximize impact and user satisfaction.

    Numbers Don’t Lie

    Our Impact & Success Metrics

    The IPS website redesign resulted in significant improvements in program accessibility, user engagement, and membership growth:

    • Program Inquiry Increase 70% 70%
    • Resource Download Growth 44% 44%
    • Membership and Participation Rise 77% 77%
    • Search Engine Ranking Improvement 37% 37%

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