Responsive Restaurant Web Design in 2017

Responsive Restaurant Web Design in 2017

What was once considered to be a “trend” has now become a necessity. Having a responsive website is one of the most important requirements for your restaurant website in 2017 and beyond. It’s imperative to provide the best possible experience for the people visiting your website on their mobile devices. This includes all types of different smartphones and tablets, not just the popular ones like Apple or Samsung devices. One of the main objectives for your restaurant website should be to have everyone, no matter what type of screen they’re viewing your website on, be able to have the best viewing experience.

Responsive Restaurant Web Design in 2017
Responsive Restaurant Web Design in 2017

Responsive Web Design Options for Restaurants in Atlanta

In 2017, there is no need to have a mobile restaurant website alongside your desktop website (how your restaurant website looks on a typical computer screen). In the past, many web design firms would sell mobile websites. This is no longer the case. In today’s world, things are much different. All your restaurant website needs to do is be RESPONSIVE. This eliminates the need to create a separate website for your restaurant. This applies to every website in the entire world.


  • Your website will automatically adjust to any screen size.
  • Improved usability for visitors.
  • Saves you money – No need for a separate mobile website.
  • Google recommends responsive over mobile websites.

Having your restaurant website automatically adjust and resize itself is a major key. This is one of the best things to do for your restaurant. It makes the quick visit to your restaurant website much better. We mentioned how important usability is for your customers in another post. You want to make sure your restaurant visitors are happy. By choosing to have a responsive restaurant website, you save money too. If your restaurant website is responsive, this will cut out the need to have a separate website built hence saving you money.

Responsive Web Design for Tablets

It’s no secret that tablets are here to stay. In fact, it’s possible that tablets may eventually go on to replace the need for desktop computers altogether. We see this happening with Apple and Microsoft. What does this mean? Your restaurant website MUST be responsive. If someone goes to your restaurant website on their tablet, it needs to work.

When your restaurant’s website is being designed responsive, that’s what it should be. This means there’s no need to over compensate. This means that if a visitor is on his/her tablet viewing your website, the website should be in a “tablet version.” Responsive web design allows your website to “respond” perfectly to any computer, tablet, or mobile screen size. It’s that’s simple.

One last thing: Your restaurant website should always be tested on multiple screen sizes. This allows you to actually be able to see what your customers are seeing. Be sure to always test before you launch!

How Does Responsive Actually Look?

You didn’t think we were just going to talk about responsive restaurant websites in 2017 and not show you an example, did you??

Okay first, go to our website on your PC or Laptop. Notice how it looks and fills up your browser window. Now, go to the same website ( on a smartphone web browser. Do you notice how our website “responds” to the size of your phone’s screen? THAT is responsive web design…awesome right?

All of the websites that we build here at QuickPro Digital Marketing are always built with responsive technology. As usual, if you have any questions feel free to send us a message or just give us a call!