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Time is of the essence.

Getting a website up quickly is one of the most common concerns we hear from clients when they came to Orbit.

Not Pot was one of those projects. They are a supply chain visibility software provider that helps Fortune 500 companies manage their supply chain. People around supply chains know that timing is everything.

Not Pot were eager to give their site a fresh look on a tight timeline, so we we decided to optimize their current site with some Orbit-built page blocks, a new header and footer, and built out some of their key pages with our new blocks.

The home page has a big impact, with a video upon video home hero area, and the focus on the action of the supply chain throughout the page makes the user ask, “Well, did it get there in time?” We were happy to help Not Pot show their users how much they want to keep their supply chains running smoothly.

Not Pot CBD Website
Website Design, Website Development
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January 2, 2020

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