5 Questions to ask Your Web Designer Before Starting a Cannabis Industry Website

by | Apr 23, 2024

    In today’s blog post, we will tackle five things to tell your web designer before starting a cannabis industry website. These are five things that you really want to make sure you share with your designer before starting your website. 

    A client and a web designer are talking with each other.
    A client and a web designer are talking with each other

    Q#1: Can You Design a Website That Fits My Budget?

    You need to tell the developer and the designer. What is your budget? What are some of the things that you are looking for on your website? Make sure you guys are on the same page from day one. 

    Q#2: What Kind of Work Atmosphere Do You Want?

    The thing that you need to tell them next is whether you prefer to work with a single point of contact or if you’re okay with working with a project manager or multiple team members, how do you prefer to collaborate? This is going to be helpful in saving you time as the progress of the project moves forward. 

    Q#3: Do You Guys Use Templates or Will This Be an Accustomed Design?

    This is an important question because this is where you will ask your developer how they are going to approach your website. What will be the approach to presenting the designs to you? How does that work? 

    Q#4: What Are You Going to Do to Make Sure That Your Website Stays on Top?

    We’re running current marketing campaigns. We don’t want to lose that traffic. When you’re starting a new website or starting a new project, you want to make sure that the website does not knock off any type of results that you may have already seen from existing marketing campaigns. 

    You want to make sure that your developer is aware of that before you guys get started. And that way, you can really make sure that you have all the vital information shared. 

    Q#5: Ask Your Web Designer If They Provide Copywriting Services.

    Let the developer know whether or not you have a copy for your page or if you need a copy for your accounting website. Some agencies will be able to write copies for you. Others will need you to provide all the copies to them on day one of the project. It really just depends on what type of agency they are.

    But that’s going to be something that you do want to share with the designer and the developer on the front end of the project just to make sure that you guys are on the same page in regards to how the copy is going to be laid out on your site. 

    Bonus Question

    Do you guys provide ongoing maintenance or hosting for the website?

    Do I need to have my own website hosting and my own maintenance program in place where we can manage and maintain the website? How does that work? And they should be able to answer that for you. 


    If you are in the cannabis industry, it is important to have a website that accurately represents your business. Before starting a website design project, be sure to ask your designer some important questions.

    This will help ensure that you get the most out of your investment and end up with a website that meets your needs. We hope this blog post was helpful and gave you a good starting point for working with your cannabis web designer.

    What question will you ask your web designer?