What Can Google Analytics Tell You About Your Cannabis Site?

by | Apr 23, 2024

This free web analytics, which is a Google analytics service offered by Google tracks and reports website traffic and provides insights into visitor behavior so that you can improve your website’s performance.

You have a cannabis website, but you’re unsure if it’s performing well. You have no idea where the traffic is coming from or what it’s doing on your website.

Without analytics, you cannot know how your website is performing or what you can do to improve it.

Google Analytics: What Is It Used For?

Google Analytics
Google Analytics

If you have a website in the cannabis industry, then chances are you are already familiar with Google Analytics. But for those who aren’t Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool that provides insights into website traffic and user behavior.

And by tracking how users interact with the website, businesses can identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to improve the website experience for users. For cannabis industry businesses, Google Analytics can be especially valuable in understanding how customers find and use your website.

Now by tracking cannabis industry keywords, businesses can gain insights into which marketing channels are most effective for them and adjust their strategy accordingly based on what they’re seeing.

Additionally, by understanding which pages on your website are the most popular, a cannabis business can ensure that critical information is easy to find and navigate.

Google Analytics provides cannabis industry businesses with the ability to track website performance and make informed decisions about web design and marketing strategy. 

How To Set Up Google Analytics for Your Cannabis Website

Woman lying on sofa with laptop enters email and password on web page.
Woman lying on sofa with laptop enters email and password on web page

As cannabis becomes more mainstream, more businesses are entering the industry. If you’re thinking about starting a cannabis business, one of the first things you’ll need to do is design a website.

And if you want to get the most out of your website, you will want to set up Google Analytics.

By setting up Google Analytics, you’ll see how many people visit your website, where they’re coming from, and what they’re looking at.

And this type of information can be invaluable when optimizing your website for search engines and driving traffic to your cannabis website. 

 1. You’ll need to create a Google account.

You’ll need to create a free Google account to use Google Analytics. And once you have a Google account, you can sign up, and you’ll be able to provide some basic information about your websites, such as the URL and the name, and then you’ll be given a tracking code.

2. Add that tracking code to your website. 

After you’ve signed up for analytics, you’ll be given the code, and you’ll have to install that into the header of your website, the body of your website, and you’ll be able to track the traffic.

And this code should be added to every page on your website. 

3. Check your data once the tracking code.

Once the tracking code has been added to your website, it will start collecting data about your website’s traffic. You can check this data by logging into Google Analytics, viewing your account, and clicking on the reporting tab.

What Information Does Google Analytics Provide About Your Website?

Website traffic analytics data on laptop.
Website traffic analytics data on the laptop

The cannabis industry web design relies heavily on Google Analytics to determine what’s working and what’s not.

Google Analytics provides a lot of information about cannabis industry websites, such as how many visitors the website has, where they come from, what pages they visited, how long they stayed, and what actions they took on the website.

We can gather a lot of information, and this data is essential for the cannabis industry’s website designer. And this information is super crucial for any cannabis industry website designer because it allows them to see which areas of the site are performing well and which need to be improved.

And without Google Analytics, it would be tough to make informed decisions about a cannabis industry website.

How To Use the Information to Improve Your Website?

Front view of a female graphic designer.
Front view of a female graphic designer

If you’re running a cannabis-related business or a website, it’s essential to understand how to interpret this data from Google Analytics. By understanding the various data points, you can make informed decisions about improving your website’s performance.

Bounce rate in Google Analytics.

This measures how many visitors leave your website after viewing only one page. A high bounce rate indicates that visitors are not finding what they’re looking for on your website.

And this is an issue. This could be because of poor design, confusing navigation, or just irrelevant content on your website.

If you have a high bounce rate in Google Analytics, then it’s essential to take steps to improve your website so that the visitors will stick around longer. 

Time on site. 

And this measures how long visitors spend on your website before leaving. If you see a low time on site and a low amount of time spent on pages, it could indicate that your content is not engaging enough with the visitor.

Take a look at the average time on the site and dive into each page to see if there are any pages where visitors are quickly leaving, and if so, try to improve those pages to keep the visitors interested.


By understanding the data that Google Analytics provides, you can make informed decisions about how to improve your cannabis industry website.

Google Analytics is essential for any cannabis-related website, and the free website service is necessary for any cannabis business website.

And with this service, you’ll have a wealth of data about website traffic, visitor behavior, and everything else.

By understanding how to interpret data from Google Analytics, you can make informed decisions on improving your website’s performance, and you’ll be off to the races. 

Are you persuaded about using Google Analytics for your cannabis business website? If so, share your thoughts below!